Test Results

Please submit an Admin request through the e-Consult section of the website and select ‘Discuss results’ after three to seven days from the time of your test for results. X-ray report results should be given two weeks to arrive.

Cytology (smear test)  results will take between 1-2 weeks to report. Abnormal Reults are communicated to you via North Middlesex hospital. Please ensure your address and contact details are up to date at all times. Sometimes, if the result is normal, the GP will ask the receptionist to let you know, we may do this via text message if you wish and an appointment may not be necessary. Please note our receptionists are not clinically trained and cannot advise you any further unless they have been instructed by the GP to do so.

Please let us have your current contact number at the same time. Please remember it is your responsibility to ring the surgery to find out your test results.