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Clinics and Services

We provide a range of services and clinics.

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6-8 Week Baby Check

You should have your postnatal check 6 to 8 weeks after your baby’s birth to make sure you feel well […]

Alcohol Advice & Counselling

We provide specialist treatment across two sites to anyone over the age of 18 living in Enfield who is worried about their alcohol or drug use. Contact details Address: Claverings…

Ante Natal Checks

What is antenatal care? This is the care you receive while you’re pregnant to make sure you and your baby are as well as possible. The midwife or doctor providing your…

Asthma Clinic

For patients who are due an annual asthma review (annually) Please would you answer the questions by clicking on this link: […]

Cervical Smears

Done by the female practice Nurse, Saturday clinics also available. Cervical screening (a smear test) checks the health of your […]

Childhood Immunisations

Childhood Vaccination Schedule At Two Months Old Diptheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) (DTaP/IPV/Hib) […]

New Patient Registrations

We will ask you to complete a couple of forms for registration when you first register with us.

NHS Health Check Clinics (40-74 year olds)

The NHS Health Check programme is for all adults aged 40 to 74. It assesses their risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes and dementia every […]

Pneumococcal Vaccines

Who should have the pneumococcal vaccine? There are 4 groups of people who are advised to get vaccinated against pneumococcal infections: babies people aged 65 and over anyone from the ages of 2…

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Done by the Nurse

Staying safe during Travel & Travel Vaccinations

Despite many people being fully vaccinated and some pandemic restrictions being lifted, it is still possible to catch and spread […]