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e-Consult Introductory Video for Patients:


What is e-Consults?

eConsult is a platform that gathers structured histories from a patient. These eConsult reports are then reviewed by a clinician at the patient’s own primary care practice in an asynchronous environment, if the request requires clinical advice. Administrative requests can be dealt with by administrative staff or in combination with clinical staff, as relevant.

Patients are also offered options for self-help and signposting to other local and national services, moving demand into more appropriate environments. All e-Consults will be dealt with between Monday- Fridays and does not include weekends. 

Who Can Access e-Consults?

eConsults can be adult (over the age of 18 years) or paediatric (between 6 months but under 18 years). Paediatric eConsults can be submitted by a parent or guardian, or by the patient if they are between 16 and 18 years of age. Any patient who uses the eConsult service must be registered at the practice where they are submitting an eConsult.

To book an e-Consult Click on the blue banner on the front page of the website to start to book for an e-Consult