Quality Improvement Plan for 2022/23

• Prescription Drug Dependency

• Optimising Access to General Practice

Overview of the QI module
The overarching objective of this QI module is to contribute to improvements in
access to general practice, in relation to the following aspects:
Understanding of demand and capacity within the practice (and PCN) and using a QI
approach to optimise capacity. This will involve understanding the reasons for patient
contacts and the types of appointments available as a practice and at PCN level.
a. Undertaking a review as a practice and PCN to better understand the skills
available across your team and PCN and to better match demand and optimise
use of capacity. This may include reviewing areas such as care navigation and
triage pathways within the Practice/PCN; staff rotas and demand patterns; use of
digital tools; use of practice nurses and ARRS staff; and use of wider primary
care services e.g. the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) and
other similar schemes.
b. Working with your practice patients and carers to understand views around
access issues, including: ease of contacting the practice to obtain advice or an
appointment, communications including website, local population who are at risk
of inequalities with regards to access etc, and to co-produce an access
improvement plan.
c. Considering access beyond the practice by reviewing links/pathways with parts of
the system beyond the practice and PCN e.g. local authority or third sector
groups offering local services to identify opportunities for collaborative working
which may support access.