Tips whilst Travelling

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Some tips when you are flying:

  1. Check in online and travel light this helps to minimise the time spent in crowded areas and your belongings coming in contact with other people.
  2. Carry a few face coverings as you will need these on the plane and for the duration of the flight. Make sure they are comfortable.
  3. Whilst eating, make sure your hands are clean and sanitised before putting anything in your mouth.
  4. Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with you, its a good way to clean your hands after you have touched a surface others might have touched before and after you.
  5. Wipe down frequently touched surfaces with a disinfecting cloth.
  6. Continue to spend as much time outdoors as the virus spreads less readily outdoors than indoors.
  7. Continue good hand hygiene if you’re touching things that many other people may also have come into contact with. Wash your hands after, and don’t touch your face without clean hands.

What if I get COVID-19 symptoms while away from home:

Whatever you choose to do during the holiday seasons, if you or someone you’re travelling with develops COVID-19 symptoms, you should avoid going to hospitals, medical facilities or pharmacies, as you may spread the infection to others.

If your symptoms start while travelling, stop and don’t continue your journey. Seek advice at the airport or from the place you are staying.

You must self-isolate immediately and book a COVID-19 test as soon as possible. You can book an e-consult appointment if you need to speak to a clinician for more advice.