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Arnos Grove Medical Centre
269 Bowes Road, New Southgate, London, N11 1BD

‘Help us to help you towards better health’ (Updated August 2019)
E-Mail: enfccg.arnosgrove-reception@nhs.net

Due to Coronavirus, help protect us all by using our new e-Consult online service; the main route of access to our GP services. Our Response time: between 24-48 hours. Access e-Consult on our website or the NHS App

Flu Jab clinics starting from 1st October 2020

We are immunising those who are eligible for the flu jab between October & December 2020:


Please contact the surgery if you want to pre book these appointments which will be fast and safe to have your flu jab done here at the practice. We will also be offering hte Shingles and Pneumonia Jab at the same time if you we due.


You can request appointments for these by calling us, or emailing us also. 


all children aged two to ten (but not eleven years or older) on 31 August 2020


• those aged six months to under 65 years in clinical risk groups

• pregnant women

• those aged 65 years and over

•those in long-stay residential care homes

• carers

• close contacts of immunocompromised individuals

• health and social care staff employed by a registered residential care/nursing home, registered domiciliary care provider, or a voluntary managed hospice provider are 


We will also be offering the flu jab to those over the age of 50 this year. 

e-Consult Appointment system

Due to Coronavirus, help protect us all by using our new e-Consult online service; the main route of access to our GP services.

Our Response time: by end of next day. 

Access e-Consult on our website:  www.arnosgrovemedicalcentre.nhs.uk or the NHS App 

Click on this link to start your e-Consult : http://econsult.net/

24.06.2020- COVID Update: Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions COVID UPDATE 24.06.2020

1. Is it really safe to stop shielding? We have been clear that each step towards relaxing the shielding guidance should be taken carefully. People classed as clinically extremely vulnerable are still at risk of severe illness if they catch Coronavirus and should continue to take precautions, but the risk of catching Coronavirus is now sufficiently low, the Government believe that the time is now right to further relax the advice. The latest epidemiological data from the ONS COVID-19 Infection Survey shows that the chances of encountering Coronavirus in the community has continued to decline. Four weeks ago, on average only one person in 500 had the virus. Last week it was less than one in 1700. In addition, a test and trace system is now in place, including within schools, and there are robust measures in place to manage potential areas of higher risk.


2. Can I keep shielding if I want to? The guidance for those classed as clinically extremely vulnerable continues to be advisory, and we have no plans to enforce it, so you can continue shielding if you want to. However, centrally provided food boxes and the Medicines Delivery Service will only be available while the advice is to shield, which is currently until the end of July. Beyond July, NHS Volunteer Responders can continue to help with collecting food shopping and medicines deliveries. Simply call NHS Volunteer Responders on 0808 196 3646 (8 am to 8pm) to access this support.


3. Can I go to all my hospital appointments now? The NHS is preparing to gradually increase some important face-to-face services, but only where this can be done safely. Hospitals and other health facilities have been asked to put extra planning and protection in place for people who are at highest risk from Covid-19. These measures should be discussed with you in advance. Where possible, appointments will be offered using remote services such as a video or phone consultation. If you do need to attend hospital for planned (non-emergency) care, you will be asked to take some steps to ensure you can get the care you need in an environment that keeps you safe, as well as staff and other patients. • Admissions (including day surgery): if you are being admitted to hospital, you and any members of your household will be asked to isolate at home for 14 days prior. Where possible, you may be asked to complete a test within 72 hours before going to hospital. If you are unable to isolate effectively or be tested before coming to hospital, your admission may be rescheduled. This will be determined by your care team using clinical judgement and in consultation with you. Admissions teams will give you all the information you need when booking you. • Outpatient appointments: you should only attend your outpatient appointment if you have no symptoms of Coronavirus. While at the hospital/health facility, it is important that you comply with normal social distancing requirements.


4. Can I return to work? Until the end of July, if you have been able to work at home, you should continue to do so. At this time, we do not advise clinically extremely vulnerable individuals to attend their place of 6 work (workplace/’onsite’) if this requires them to leave their home. This guidance remains advisory. From 1 August the Government is planning to further relax advice to those shielding, bringing it in line with the advice to the clinically vulnerable group. This means that if they are unable to work from home but can work on site, they should do so, provided the business is COVID-safe.


5. What if I don’t want to return to work? You should look to come to an agreement with your employer and understand their specific policies around health and safety and workplace attendance, especially in relation to COVID19. If you have concerns about your health and safety at work, you can raise them with any union safety representatives, or ultimately with the organisation responsibility for enforcement in your workplace, either the Health and Safety Executive or your local authority. You can get advice on your specific situation and your employment rights by visiting the Acas website https://www.acas.org.uk/contact or calling the Acas helpline, 0300 123 1100.


6. I still need help with my food shopping? Those in receipt of centrally provided food boxes, who continue to need help, will receive this support while they are advised to shield, until the end of July. This will give those shielding the time to adapt to advice that visiting shops, including supermarkets, is likely to be as safe as when they stopped these usual daily activities, provided they follow social distancing advice. Beyond July, NHS Volunteer Responders can continue to help with collecting food shopping. Simply call NHS Volunteer Responders on 0808 196 3646 (8 am to 8pm) to access this support. The Government also continues to support the use of priority delivery slots to help the clinically most vulnerable where possible. Priority delivery slots are at the discretion of supermarkets, but we can confirm that seven supermarkets have given access to priority supermarket delivery slots that will continue beyond the end of July for those already signed up for support.


7. Can my children go back to school? From 1 August the Government is planning to further relax advice to those shielding, bringing it in line with the advice to the clinically vulnerable group. This means that children can return to school/nursey. Where possible children should maintain social distancing and try and practise good, frequent hand washing. The latest advice can be found on GOV.UK.


8. When might you bring shielding back? The latest scientific evidence shows that the chances of encountering Coronavirus in the community has continued to decline. The Government regularly monitors this position and if the rates of infection in the community rise, then it may be necessary to advise that more restrictive measures should be taken.


9. What is the guidance for the clinically vulnerable? 7 Public safety throughout this period is the Government’s top priority – this includes keeping safe society’s most vulnerable. We advise those who are clinically vulnerable to follow the Staying Alert and Safe social distancing guidance available on the gov.uk website. The advice is to stay at home as much as possible and, if you do go out, take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household or support bubble. By this we mean always staying 2m apart from others outside your household or support bubble, avoiding crowds, and keeping your hands and face as clean as possible.


10. Is the letter I’ve received real, telling me that I don’t need to shield anymore? The letter you have received is from Government, signed by Matt Hancock and Robert Jenrick. This letter will have arrived between 24 and 26 June. You can find a copy of the letter online at gov.uk.


11. Where can I find accessible or alternative formats of my shielding letter? Translated, BSL and easy read versions of the letter can soon be found at gov.uk. If a patient is blind or partially sighted they can access audio or braille formats by calling the RNIB helpline at 0303 123 9999.



In line with Government guidance for people to wear face coverings in public, you are required to wear a face mask when entering the GP Practice premises. Without a mask you will not be allowed entry into the premises and unless you are exempt from wearing a mask fue to medical conditions. 


You are also required to wear masks to the practice HUBs when going in to see a nurse or doctor and have a face to face appointment there. Without a mask you will not be allowed entry for these appointments. Please always carry a clean mask with you.

Over the Counter Medication

Please note NHS England has published guidance to GP prescribers to NOT routinely prescribe over the counter medicines for common conditions. 


Please see the poster for these common conditions in the 'our Documents' Section of our website- so that you can obtain these medicines over the counter at the pharmacy or supermarket pharmacies. 


The current Government Guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19) states;

“By law, medical evidence is not required for the first 7 days of sickness. After 7 days, employers may use their discretion around the need for medical evidence if an employee is staying at home.

We strongly suggest that employers use their discretion around the need for medical evidence for a period of absence where an employee is advised to stay at home either as they are unwell themselves, or live with someone who is, in accordance with the public health advices issued by the government.”

Until further guidance is available, Londonwide LMCs would suggest that if needed by patients they use this letter as the practice will not provide a medical certificate for patients requiring self-isolation for coronavirus.



Please do not call the surgery to request a sick note, this is available for you to download from the 'Our Documents' section on the left hand side of this page where you can complete the form and hand to your employers. 


The lead partners are: Dr Thillainathan & Dr Nagulesan



Childhood Immunisations

Speak to your GP surgery if:

  • you think you or your child have missed any vaccinations
  • you or your child have a vaccination appointment – but you've missed it or cannot attend

We can book or rearrange the next available appointment, these appointments are being given as face to face at the practice once the screening of the household has taken place over the telephone.


If anyone in the household is having COVID 19 symptoms please do not book this appointment until everyone is well and recovered from such symptoms. 


It’s best to have vaccines on time, but you can still catch up on most vaccines if you miss them.

Weekly Coronavirus Update- IMPORTANT

Coronavirus Update: Please go to the practice website for weekly updates; www.arnosgrovemedicalcentre.nhs.uk

The practice leadership team met on Monday 16.03.2020 to discuss the ongoing coronavirus situation. We have considered the current risk to our patients and have concluded:

High Risk - Team members unable to support patients due to being placed in self isolation following exposure to an unconfirmed case of coronavirus.

High Risk - Increased demand for appointments from those concerned they might have coronavirus.

Moderate Risk - Patients who have a need other than suspected coronavirus struggling to contact the practice.

Low Risk - Increased number of patients of have coronavirus symptoms requiring a primary care appointment.

Low Risk - High numbers of "at risk" patients with coronavirus requiring a primary care appointment.

To enable the best possible care we are making the following changes effective from Monday 16th March 2020:

1) All patients with coronavirus symptoms will be asked to use the 111 online tool (https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19) or to call 111.

2) A text message will be sent to all patients with a pre-booked appointment asking them to call us so that you can be telephoned screened prior to coming into the practice at least an hour before your appointment.  Symptoms are fever, cough or shortness of breath, flu-like illness, body aches & looking and feeling generally unwell.

3) All patients that require a future appointment with the GP at the practice will undergo a telephone screening from the clinical team before a face to face appointment is confirmed, you will not be seen without being telephone screened.

4) We will not be booking any further face to face appointments until you are screened to protect both patients and staff for the time being.

5) Online booking of appointments will not be accepted until further notice.

Our objective is to deliver the care our patients need whilst minimising those patients who need to attend the practice face to face. This being the case, please do not attend the practice in person unless you already have appointment.

We anticipate that although over time a high percentage of our patients may well become infected, many of them will be able to self-care from the safety of their own home. We will work to make our service as available as possible to those patients who are unable to self-care and will need additional support from the practice. As the number of infected patients increase we will work to segregate those who need care for coronavirus and those who require care for another reason.

We ask all of our patients to continue to observe advice around handwashing and self-isolation. This will help to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Please read the document GDPR, located under the 'Documents' tab to find out more and what this means!

Practice nurse Agnes

Nurse Agnes is our practice nurse. Please call the surgery to book your appointments in advance to see our nurses.


They work full days on Mondays & Thursdays


Our practice nurse Agnes is qualified to deliver:

  • Childhood immunisations
  • Travel clinic immunisations 
  • Smear (cervical cytology) tests
  • Chronic disease management; Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  (COPD- respiratory disease), Asthma.
  • Woundcare and dressings
  • Stitch/ Suture removals
  • Contraceptive review services
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Dietary & lifestyle advice
  • Over 75 Healthchecks

PPG Meeting

Our Next PPG (Patient Participation Group) meeting will be taking place later in the year dependent on the COVID 19 situation, we will welcome suggestions and like to hear from you in the meantime through this web portal. 


If you would like to attend this meeting and be involved or just want to know more about these meetings, please call the surgery on 0208 368 4455 so we can book your place. 


If you are interested but cannot attend this meeting, please keep an eye on the PPG section of this website, where we will feedback the items discussed.


If you feel you would like to contribute in another way and feel that coming along to the face to face PPG meetings is not for you, please contact the practice manager either by calling us or emailing us and we can take your details and consult with you via email feedback. We would always welcome your feedback to improving the patient experience. 

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